The International Beach Volleyball Championship ended the day before yesterday

October 28, 2020

The International Beach Volleyball Championship ended the day before yesterday, which was hosted by one of the touristic resorts in Sharm El Sheikh.Russia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, the United States of America and Slovenia participated in this tournament.

This city is known for its great wealth in marine fauna and flora. In it you can do any type of water sports, mainly diving, the beauty and color of its waters, which range from intense blue to the most beautiful turquoise in small stretches of water. Its crystalline waters favor the vision of the coral reefs that decorate the seabed with colorful fish, unique species of the area, etc.

Russia won the first place, the second place went to Slovenia, and the third place to the United States of America.Islam Nabil, head of the office of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board in Sharm El-Sheikh, and Hussein Mohamed, head of the office of the Ministry in South Sinai, both attended the tournament and handed out prizes and some gifts to the participating teams.Some Russian tourists in Sharm El Sheikh expressed their love and passion for Egypt, pointing out that they consider Egypt the country that is closest to them and their second home.

There are routes on glass-bottom boats or submarines where you can appreciate the beauty of it all! Without having to wear a diving suit!

The gastronomy of the city offers a great variety of fish and shellfish cooked on the grill (something unmatched). You can also go out to desert areas by camel or jeep and enjoy a Bedouin night under the light of the stars and try the typical barbecue.

They said they are looking forward to the return of direct flights to the Egypt’s touristic resorts because Russians want to return again to visit Egypt, and Sharm el-Sheikh in particular.

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