Curse of the pharaohs in the tomb of Tutankhamun

Curse of the pharaohs in the tomb of Tutankhamun
On November 4, 1922, when the British archaeologist and specialist in the history of ancient Egypt, Howard Carter, was excavating at the entrance to the tunnel leading to the tomb of Ramses VI in Wadi

The kings noticed the existence of a large crypt and continued careful excavation until he entered the room that housed the tomb of Tutankhamun.

On the walls of the room that contains the mausoleum were wonderful drawings telling in the form of pictures the story of Tutankhamun’s departure to the world of the dead, and the scene was very wonderful for the world.

Howard Carter, who was looking into the room through a hole with a candle in his hand, said that his assistant asked him, “Can you see anything?” To which Carter replied, “Yes, I see wonderful things.”

The first thing that caught their attention was inscriptions saying, “Death will slaughter with its wings anyone who tries to dispel the security and peace of the shrine of the Pharaohs.” This is the phrase that was found inscribed on the tomb of Tutankhamun, which was followed by a series of strange incidents that began with the death of many of the workers searching the cemetery, which is what Scientists and people were baffled, including some archaeologists who participated in the discovery of the civilizations of the Pharaohs, that the ancient priests of Egypt had cast their curse on me
Anyone trying to move those relics from their place .. Where it was said that a strong sandstorm erupted around the tomb of Tutankhamun on the day it was opened and a falcon was seen flying over the cemetery, and it is known that the falcon is one of the sacred symbols of the pharaohs.

But there is a German scientist who opened the file of this phenomenon that occupied many to explain to us with reason, medicine and chemistry, how forty scientists and researchers died before it was too late, and the reason was that young king .. Tutankhamun .. And although this king had no historical value and perhaps he was a ruler, he did not He does a lot..Perhaps in the era of a counter-revolution against King Akhenaten, he was the first to advocate monotheism .. But it is certain that this young king derived his great importance from
That his tomb was untouched by any of the thieves .. She reached Alina after fifty-three centuries in complete safety, and that this king is also the source of the Pharaonic curse. All those who touched him or touched him were chased by death, one after the other, recording this admiration and the strangest type of punishment that man knew .. The obvious thing is That these forty died .. But the mysterious thing is that death is for very trivial reasons and in incomprehensible circumstances.

And the story of the curse began with the golden canary bird that Carter carried with him when he came to Luxor .. And when the cemetery was discovered, they called it “The Golden Sparrow Cemetery” at the beginning of the matter .. It was mentioned in his book ‘Theft of the King’ by Mohsen Muhammad .. that when Carter traveled to me
Cairo to receive Lord Carnarvon, so his assistant put the bird in the balcony to enjoy the breezes of the air .. On the day of the cemetery opening, Callender heard a weak distress as if it was a signal cry, so he ran up to find a cobra snake extending its tongue to the bird inside the cage .. And Kallender killed the snake, but the bird was dead..and immediately It was said that the ‘curse’ began with the opening of the tomb, as the cobra snake is found on the crown that is placed over the heads of statues of kings of Egypt..and this was the beginning of the king’s revenge against those who disturbed him in his shrine..On the other hand, I think archaeologist Henry instructs that something terrible is on the way. It will happen..but what happened next was a strange thing
It turned with the passage of time into a supernatural phenomenon and one of the mysterious matters that caused a lot of controversy and which science has not found an explanation for today .. In the official celebration of the inauguration of the cemetery, Lord Carnarvon was struck … with a mysterious fever, for which no one of the doctors found an explanation .. In the middle of the night completely the Lord died in Cairo .. and the strangest thing is that the electrical current was cut off in Cairo without any apparent reason at the same moment of death. The newspapers of the world highlighted the news of the death of the Lord .. And the Cairo newspapers linked the death of the Lord with turning off the lights and claimed that this was done by the king’s order Tut, and some newspapers said that the finger of the Lord had been wounded by a poisoned instrument or spear inside the cemetery and that the poison was strong with evidence that it had retained its effect for three thousand years .. and they said that a type of bacteria grew inside the cemetery carrying disease and death, and in Paris the astronomer said to Lancelan .. he avenged Tutankhamun. And then the calamities followed and death began to reap the vast majority, if not everyone who participated in the celebration, and most of the deaths were due to that mysterious fever with delirium and shivering that lead to death .. Indeed, the matter exceeded a fever in many cases. S. died Cartier Howard Carter without any reason, and then his father committed suicide in grief to him .. During the funeral of Secretaryradas the horse who was pulling the coffin cart a small child and killed him .. and many of
Those who contributed in one way or another to the discovery of the cemetery went mad, and some of them committed suicide without any reason, which baffled archaeologists who found themselves in front of a mystery that has no explanation.

Attempt to transfer Tutankhamun’s mummy
The hands of the work team headed by Dr. Zahi Hawass, the Egyptian archaeologist, began to transfer the mummy of King Tutankhamun outside the cemetery for X-ray study after Farouk Hosni, Minister of Culture, decided that this should be done in her tomb on the western mainland in Luxor.

Suddenly, a severe dust storm blew over the entire Valley of the Kings … and the team stopped moving and looked with horror at Dr. Hawass, who immediately understood their gaze and said in a decisive tone, “There is no need … there is no curse of the Pharaohs .. The first thing the storm ends, we will immediately work.”

The storm ended and the workers and researchers returned to work again .. They took the famous mummy outside the cemetery to install the X-ray machine, which is a very accurate device sent by the American National Geographic Society .. Suddenly the device stopped working for an hour and a half, and this was very strange, so the device is new.

The gazes of the staff of Dr. Zahi began to bear a lot of words .. But he decided to ignore their gaze, absorbed in work to reveal the mystery of the death of King Tutankhamun, a young man under twenty, and what this disclosure represents in terms of importance and a great historical addition.
The mobile phone rang in Dr. Zahi’s pocket. His sister’s voice was crying out: My husband is dead !!
And j began

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